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    Adele Lorienne is an artist with a passion for nature and fantasy, and loves to combine the two in her artwork. A resident of the coastal forests of Oregon, USA, she grew up climbing trees and imagining fantastic woodland realms of her own. Her artwork is a reflection of her original stories and characters, and of the many things and people in her life who inspire her.

    Contact E-mail: Saimain@yahoo.com


    Other art galleries on the web:
    DeviantART Gallery: http://saimain.deviantart.com
    Tumblr Gallery: http://adelelorienne.tumblr.com
    Wysp Gallery: http://www.wysp.ws/meadowhaven/
    PaigeeWorld Gallery: https://www.paigeeworld.com/u/meadowhaven
    Elfwood Gallery: http://www.elfwood.com/~adele
    Artician Gallery: http://saimain.artician.com
    CGSociety Gallery: http://meadowhaven.cgsociety.org/

    Meadowhaven is Adele’s personal art site, focusing primarily on the original fantasy artwork and characters from two private, interlinking storylines: “The Wars of Avenan” and “Not All Kings Wear Gold”. Details and artwork from both storylines can be found by clicking on the “Wars of Avenan” and “Not All Kings Wear Gold” sections of this website.  

    Art prints, coloring pages and other merchandise can be purchased from the Meadowhaven Store.

    -DO NOT take, copy, redistribute, alter or use any portion of the work–-art, writing, or otherwise–-featured on this site without written consent. All artwork and writing is © copyrighted to Adele Lorienne or to specified guest artists.