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    My sincerest apologies, but I currently have a very long list of commissions already in progress, several planned coloring books and personal projects to complete, and I have also started a new job. After I have finished my current work list, I do not anticipate opening commissions again in the future except in special cases or emergencies. Please watch my front page or DeviantArt page for notification.

    Thank you so very much to everyone who has commissioned me throughout the years, and made it possible for me to pursue and to live my dream for the past ten years! You are all amazing, and I am so pleased and honored to have been able to work with each one of you to create your unique visions. I will never stop drawing and painting, but I’ve had to turn to outside employment to keep the bills paid now, and also to improve my health.

    If you are one of my patrons, please be assured that I will still draw sketch commissions regularly for the monthly giveaway! :) I am eternally grateful for the support you have shown me. If you are not a current patron but would like to be added to the giveaway for a chance at winning a sketch commission, please visit Meadowhaven on Patreon!


    If you are interested in licensing any of my fantasy artwork for commercial products or projects, personal roleplay avatars, book covers or content, site headers or other purposes, please contact Adele Lorienne at Saimain@yahoo.com. All inquiries are welcome, and I am always open to new propositions! Joint and exclusive copyrights as well as licenses are also available. :) Thank you for your interest!

    The following companies have currently licensed Meadowhaven artwork for various products and usage:

    ~Heaven and Earth Designs~
    Cross-stitch patterns of the highest quality for avid needlepoint enthusiasts

    ~FlameTree Publishing~
    Images included in Fantasy Art: Warriors and Heroes” artbook.

    ~Games Delivery~
    (logo artwork usage) Italian-based game and fantasy shop

    Please Note: No artwork or portions of text on this site can be used for any purpose whatsoever, including personal and non-profit, without prior consent of Adele Lorienne (Saimain@yahoo.com). Licenses can be purchased for a fee. All work appearing on this site is copyrighted and protected by law. Any removal or reproduction in any form without written consent is infringement of the copyright law. © 2001-2016