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  • Art of Meadowhaven Fantasy Coloring Pages!

    ~~UPDATE: 30 pages now available!~~

    Thank you all so much for your amazing patience and kind support of my ongoing fantasy coloring book project! It is close to completion now, with some exciting publishing news on the horizon! :D At present, you can purchase and download individual coloring pages through my Etsy shop.


    There are 30 fantasy-themed coloring pages available so far, downloadable in PDF and JPG file format. Please have a look, and I hope you will enjoy coloring them! Usage rules are posted in my shop policies as well as in every image description. Feedback is welcome, and please send me any ideas, suggestions or questions! If you feel like sharing your colored versions with me, too, I am very excited to see them! :D

    I wish you many happy coloring adventures!

    2 Responses to Art of Meadowhaven Fantasy Coloring Pages!

    1. Tammy Avivi says:

      Hi dear Adèle , i love your art, and I would like so much to color your greyscale drawings.
      Do you have plans to publish a greyscale coloring book ? Warm greeting Tammy

      • Adele says:

        Hello Tammy, and thank you for your comment! :)
        No, I will not be publishing a book of my shaded pencil pieces for coloring. Those pieces are personal to me and finished as they are. Only the lineart images that I am inking specifically as coloring pages will be in the book.

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