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    Q. What is MeadowHaven?

    Meadowhaven is Adele Lorienne’s personal art site, focusing primarily on the original fantasy artwork and characters from two private, interlinking storylines: “The Wars of Avenan” and “Not All Kings Wear Gold,” written by Adele and her friend Kelly Kilbourn.  Detailed information on the stories and characters can be found by clicking on the “Wars of Avenan” and “Not All Kings Wear Gold” sections of this website.  Prints, cards, books and other products can be purchased from the Meadowhaven Store.
    ~DO NOT take, copy, distribute, or use any portion of the work–-art, writing, or otherwise–-featured on this site without written consent. Nothing on this site is free to take or use, and is © copyrighted to Adele Lorienne or to other artists.


    Q. How did you learn to draw?
    I am a self-taught artist, and learned to draw over the years by study, observation, and practice.  Practice is the key!  All good artists come from mediocre artists who refused to give up.  :)  I’ve been doodling since I was a child, mostly just trees and ponies, but I started to seriously draw when I was about 17 (I’m 35 now, yikes!)

    Q. Can you teach me to draw?
    The only advice I can give is to pay attention to the world around you–how light hits objects, how things are put together, how colors change. Memorize shapes and practice them. Sketch everyday, learn the way things move, how things look from certain angles, get someone to pose for you, even. You need to train yourself to reproduce life before you can bend it to fit your whims! Learn the rules and what you like about them and you will start to develop your own style as an artist.  I am still learning, myself!

    Q. Are your characters from a book or game?
    The characters depicted in my artwork and writing are creatures of my own design from personal stories I share with a friend.  The artwork and character information are available to be seen and read on my website, but the written stories are not.

    Q. What happened to your “Wars of Avenan” novel series? Weren’t you writing it?
    Yes, for almost ten years I had been working on the novels, but eventually it came to the point where it was just taking too much of my time and energy and causing needless stress and frustration. I was earning next to nothing from the sale of the books, spending entire days in my room staring at a computer screen and ignoring my health and family. There was just so much I wanted to tell that the series would probably never be completed, and I could no longer cope. Artwork is my passion now, and I believe that it can stand on its own without several thousand pages of writing behind it. My sincerest apologies to those of you who were waiting for the last two novels to be finished!

    Q. Is your work available for licensing?
    Yes! If you are interested in using the fantasy artwork of Meadowhaven for commercial products, book covers, roleplay avatars, or various other purposes, please contact me (Adele Lorienne at saimain@yahoo.com) and we can discuss details. :) All inquiries are welcome, and I am always open to new propositions!
    You can find a current list of companies who have licensed my artwork here: http://www.meadowhaven.net/commissions/

    Q. Do you take requests or commissions?
    I’m sorry, but I no longer accept requests or commissions.

    Q. Can I use your art for my RPG site/character?
    I do have licenses available for most of my artwork! Non-profit only, and there is a small fee. Please contact me (Adele Lorienne at saimain@yahoo.com) with the title of the image you would like to use, and how you intend to use it, and I will get back to you! :)

    Q. Can I use your work for my PSP group, for tubing, websets, signatures, banners, etc.?
    Please see the answer and contact information above. :) Licenses are available for most purposes, profit and non-prodit, but I do not allow usage of my artwork for free.

    Q. What media do you draw/paint with, and what type of paper do you use?
    For my pencil work I use an 0.5 mechanical pencil and blending stick, and your average acid-free 8.5×11″ white printer paper. For digital paintings I use an older program called Photoshop 5.5 and a Wacom Graphire tablet. I also occasionally use watercolor, charcoal, and colored pencils.

    Q. How do you keep your pencil lines so clean??
    I use an eraser! Several different kinds. Frequently.

    Q. You do so many pencil drawings…can I color one of them?
    I will soon have coloring books and downloadable lineart pages available for exactly this purpose! :D These images will be specifically created for you to color and enjoy. But as for my personal artwork found here on my website and other online galleries, no, please do not use my images for coloring. They are finished as they are, and not intended for coloring. Printing out any of my artwork to give away/sell/use (outside of downloadable pages in my shop) is also strictly forbidden.

    Q. Can I buy some of your art?
    Certainly, and thank you for your interest! Prints, gift cards, coloring books and other products can be found in my Meadowhaven Store. They are extremely high-quality, personally approved, and I can hand-sign any print orders upon request. :)

    Q. Can I draw your characters?
    Nothing makes my day more than finding guest art in my mailbox! ^__^ If you draw one of my characters, your work may be posted in one of the guest art sections of “The Wars of Avenan” or “Not All Kings Wear Gold” art galleries, along with credit to you.

    Q. Is this the end of your FAQ?
    Indeed it is! If your question has not been answered here, please leave a comment below and ask personally. :) The comment box below is only for questions!

    36 Responses to Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Lizzy says:

      Hi, I bought your first two Wars of Avenan books a while ago but I lost the Rover’s Cripple and want to replace it. I can’t find any links on Meadowhaven where I can buy it. I know you have stopped writing but does this mean the books are no longer for sale? I would love to buy it again.

    2. Emmy says:

      I have been following you for quite some time now, on dA and this site, and I am curious: How do you get such nice scans? I have drawn in solid graphite, and though my printer copies it fine, it likes to destroy while scanning. Is it because of your scanner, settings, or a digital touch-up?

      That said, you are my graphite inspiration. Thank you!

      • Adele says:

        I really have no idea…maybe it’s just my scanner? I have an HP-Scanjet, and scan everything in the “true color” setting, 300dpi. I do make digital adjustments if needed to clean up scanner grit or increase contrast, but nothing major. ^__^;

    3. Alyx says:

      I cant buy your books anywhere. Can you tell me where I can?

      • Adele says:

        As said in the FAQ above, there are no novels available for the public to read. But you can find my artbooks with story information in the Meadowhaven Store here on the site. :)

    4. Jessica says:

      hi, i love your artwork, i am in love with the ” got your crown” print, in fact i love it so much that i would like to have something very similar to it as a tattoo, is this permitted? i really love the way it looks and would love to have it as a tattoo,

    5. River Alexandra Song says:

      I just wanted to say your work is amazing and beautiful. The BBC should get you to do a Doctor/River Calendar…Thank you for the pleasure of looking at all the beautiful work.

    6. KimoraMae says:

      are you on da (DEviantart?) I can’t seem to find any links here… and your art is somewhere on there. i can’t remmember a username, sorry- but i think the pictures were titled the same.
      anyhoo- love your stuff! :D :D

    7. Péter Lőrincz says:

      I can’t remember how I ran into your artwork, it was quite a few years ago and since then i can’t stop watching them, and waiting for new pieces of your art.
      I especially love your recent Doctor Who pictures, how you capture his sadness is (I can’t find a better word…) perfect. His funny side is also very well done.
      A fan of yours,
      P.S. Have you thought about making a forum here on your site? (Since this is the FAQ page here’s a real question :D )
      P.P.S: Imagine if BBC made a Doctor Who/Sherlock crossover :D

    8. Ana michelle says:

      do you allow to use a comission as a book cover if i pay you for the work…

      • Adele says:

        I do accept commercial work on occasion, and have painted many book covers in the past. Please see my Commissions page for more detailed information and pricing. :)

    9. Where and how do you get your inspiration and ideas from? I love your art, btw. I been looking at it since I was 12 and am now 20. :3

      • Adele says:

        I’m afraid I have no straight answer for that! ^__^; My worlds and characters are in my head all the time, they live out their lives and sometimes allow me to share small glimpses of it on paper. Sometimes music can inspire me to draw, sometimes just the sound of words, sometimes the world around me, particularly nature, or my love for strong lines and contrasting colors. Anything can trigger an image in my mind, and if I feel strongly about it, I’ll do my best to capture it on paper. And I’m honored that you’ve been watching my work for so long! That’s amazing. :)

    10. Stacey Higlett says:

      Do you have a facebook page? I love the work you’ve done on Dr Who as I’m a huge fan and love all the paintings you’ve done of them. I also agree with River Alexandra Song in that you sould make a calender because I would definately buy one :)

      • Adele says:

        No facebook page, but I do have a Tumblr account. :) And thank you! I’m afraid I don’t have enough Doctor Who artwork for anything like that yet, though. ^__^;;

    11. Hello, first of all can I just say I love your work! Absolutely stunning!

      I wanted one of your prints, the one with River Song and the Doctor on the Tardis console, but I wanted it HUGE for my wall here in my little nerd Cave while I work on DOCTOR STEW!

      Whats the largest print size you can achieve? Can you do movie poster print sizes? And if so, what is the price? Thanks!

    12. Jade-Elise says:

      Came across your art from a Whovian fansite and am engrossed with the emotion you potray through your work. I wonder if I would be able to purchase digital work? I live in Australia, so I thought it would be easier for me to print myself? Or do you have postage costs for international customers?
      Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful artwork.

      • Adele says:

        Thank you! Which Whovian fansite would that be? :)

        All my artwork ships worldwide! For prices, just place an order through my Meadowhaven Store, and at checkout it will calculate the shipping cost for you so you can see a total before you purchase anything. I do not send large hi-res files of my work over the internet.

    13. Robin says:

      I love your Doctor Who work. Do you plan on doing anymore with the 10th Doctor? I would love to have a Doctor Who wall in my office featuring your work. By the way, I absolutely LOVE the ones with The Doctor and River!!!

    14. Daaf says:

      Hi Adele, amazing work!! I really am impressed by the artwork : the heart of the forest! Is it possible to buy a print?

      Hope te hear from you,

      Bye from the Netherlands

      • Adele says:

        Yes, you can find all my available prints in my Meadowhaven Store! :) “Heart of the Forest” is available in many different print sizes.

    15. Sue Petrick says:

      Have purchased your stuff in the past. Can’t find the Print or card of Memories. Is it for sale in any form?

      • Adele says:

        Ah, I’m afraid “Memories” has not been available in print for many years now. It was painted nearly ten years ago, and the interest in it was never sufficient enough to warrant keeping it in stock this long. I’m sorry about that!

    16. Sable Aradia says:

      Hello there! I am an admirer of your artistic work and have drawn upon your art for character inspiration in my own writing. I am an editor for the Wildspace Spelljammer Fanzine, and this month our theme is elves. I was wondering if I might have permission to link to some of your work on our blog, along with a link to your site and whatever other information you’d like us to include (such as contact, prices for commissions, etc.)? The website is listed above if you’d like to check us out. Thanks for your time either way!

      • Adele says:

        Thank you. :) If you are only interested in linking to a few images and providing my name (Adele Lorienne) and website credit with the post, that is perfectly fine, and appreciated!

    17. Kayleigh says:

      Hey there, I really love your artwork and you are such an inspiration to me. Do you have any recommendations on a good Photoshop system? I got my tablet not to long ago and I’d like to get a system that has a variety of tools and that has few glitches. Any suggestions?

      • Adele says:

        I’m not the best person to ask about digital software, I’m afraid. ^__^;; I work in Photoshop 5.5, which is very old and basically just a canvas with brushes and a color palette. I like my tools simple; I can’t handle programs with thousands of options, so I really have no idea what’s on the market now or how to use it. Sorry about that!

    18. Francesca says:

      You are so brilliant in drawing the Doctor! Every Doctor! I love your pieces… so I would ask you if you ever thought of doing a fan art about 12th Doctor (Capaldi)… or better, 12th Doctor with River Song?

    19. Feidhelm says:

      I just visited your website after many many years (I still follow you on deviantArt) and only just read the bit explaining why you never continued your book project. I’ve always been interested in that and was hoping that when it came out you would write some sort of post about it. Either I’ve missed it or it never happened…

      Still, you do mention the fact that you never made enough money from your first book so that means it must have been printed, am I right? If so, do you still have a hard copy of it? I would really like to buy it, regardless of price. Please let me know if it’s possible.

      • Adele says:

        Thank you so much for your comment! I’m honored that you’ve followed my work for so long! :)

        Yes, I had the first two books of my planned series published, as well as a companion artbook or two. The series was cancelled back around 2008, though, and I stopped selling my books anywhere after that. The last two signed copies I had were claimed by one of my supporters on Patreon earlier this year.

        I -might- still have my proof copies around somewhere, I’ll have to do some digging. If you’re still interested, please e-mail me: saimain@yahoo.com and I’ll see what I can do! :)

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