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  • Kumoricon 2013!

    I will have a table in the Kumoricon Artist Alley this weekend, with over a hundred different original and Doctor Who art pieces available to purchase! I will be selling Sunday and Monday (not Saturday, sorry), so please drop by and say hello if you will be attending! I would love to meet other artists from Oregon and Washington. :D

    My finished watercolor paintings of Ten, Eleven, and Rose from Doctor Who will be available for the very first time at my table. These have not yet been posted anywhere online or offered in print, so visitors this weekend will be the first ones to see or purchase them!

    As an extra special thank-you to my watchers and supporters, anyone who mentions that they follow my work here on my website, or through my DA or Tumblr galleries will have their choice of a free original art print with any purchase! :)

    2 Responses to Kumoricon 2013!

    1. Thea says:

      I have to tell you that your work gives me goose bumps..They are all so powerful, romantic and so very beautiful.
      I love your Elfs or Elfens.?
      Thank you for sharing your talents.
      Best of luck in the future and in
      all you inspire to do.

    2. Amy says:

      I just found your work and it is fantastic, I can’t stop looking. The emotion you capture in each piece, I wish I knew you, so I could tell you every day how amazing this is. The color is brilliant, but the thing that gets me, is the expression, the absolute depth of the characters you capture….they make me want to love and cry at the same time. I saw the very touching, Tenth Doctor’s moment with Rose, and fell in love with the idea of 11 and Rose…powerful images…I had to follow that image from Facebook to Deviantart–THANK YOU!

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