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  • Not All Kings Wear Gold

    Wings flash in a violet sky;
    Nothing is as it seems.
    Controlled by a will not their own,
    Beguiled in dreams.

    Misbegotten in beauty
    From a land that will never grow old,
    A world where truth is a lie
    And not all kings wear gold.


    The shadows draw long as I sit here at my desk, my fingers aching to accomplish the task I have begun. The quill is steady in my grasp, and the ink flows this time without complaint, though I think my one small bottle shall not last long. The crickets outside my window sing to me of the approaching night. My heart is quiet; the day is done, and I have found peace.

    Save for those crickets.

    But this story is not about me. I am merely the humble myndling privileged to tell this tale of loss and misfortune, hope and new beginnings, and the secrets that forever changed many lives. This is foremost a tale of courage–the courage to love and endure despite everything, to remain devoted and true, and to find the sunshine no matter how cloudy the day.

    Perhaps I should begin at the beginning? Very well…