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  • Happy New Year!

    Thank you all for sticking with me yet another year! :) I wish everyone a wonderful 2018!

    -(1/15) Added “Haurchefant Greystone,” “Of the Silver Fuller,” “Ser Aymeric,” “Endure,” and “MLP Carousel Blossom -Customized” to the Everything Else gallery in the Miscellaneous section.
    -(1/15) Added “Kaga” and “Walker” to the Commissions and Gifts gallery in the Miscellaneous section.

    ~For more sketches, WIPS and other pieces, please visit my Patreon!~

    -My “Woodland Fantasy” coloring book magazine is now completely sold out and permanently out of stock. It was a limited run monthly issue of UK’s Colouring Heaven magazine. Those of you who managed to pick up a copy over the holidays, I hope you will enjoy coloring the pages! It means a great deal to me that it sold so quickly, and I am still looking into other more solid publishing options for a proper coloring book.

    Individual coloring pages can still be purchased and downloaded through my Etsy shop, including several not published in the Colouring Heaven magazine.


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    “Woodland Fantasy” Coloring Book Magazine!

    I am very pleased and excited to announce that Colouring Heaven, a quality adult coloring book magazine in the UK, has finally released my “Woodland Fantasy” coloring book magazine special, a 40-page collection of my fantasy coloring pages! Colouring Heaven has worked with some really big names in the fantasy art world before, and have contacts with agents and coloring book publishers around the world, so I’m hoping that this might be the big break I need in order to land a proper coloring book deal here in the USA! :D

    My “Woodland Fantasy” issue is on sale right now in the UK, in stores such as WH Smith, Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Waitrose, Co-op, McColl’s, Eason and independent retailers.

    For anyone not in the UK, you can get your copy online here:

    Here is Coloring Heaven’s preview video of my magazine:

    Color-With-Claire has posted a video review of the magazine, with previews of the images inside as well as the front and back cover (the gold foil looks so amazing, I love it!) You can watch it here, and find other links for purchasing the magazine as well:

    If you don’t want a whole book, my coloring pages are available to individually download, print out and color now through my Etsy shop:

    I want to personally thank every single one of you, and especially my amazing patrons, for your generosity and support these past years. It’s because of you that I was able to devote the time needed to finishing this project (and many more besides)! I sincerely hope you all have enjoyed (and will continue to enjoy) the frolic through the crazy detail and beautiful creatures in my woodland fantasy. It is ever an honor to share my work with you. :)

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    Fan Art Blowout Sale!

    I am now clearing out all my remaining fan art print stock! I’ve decided to no longer sell fanart through my website, and have put up all of my remaining Doctor Who/FinalFantasy/Sherlock/Etc. fan art prints for quick sale through my Etsy shop:


    If you’ve had your eye on something, please be sure to snatch it up quick! When these are gone, they’re gone!

    Thanks for looking! :)

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    June – August Updates!

    I have some exciting publishing news on the horizon concerning my fantasy coloring book project! I know it’s taken well over a year now to come together, but it is FINALLY COMPLETE and I’ve had an offer from a popular adult coloring book magazine to help launch my work! Thank you all for sticking with me through this overly-extended project, and I hope to have something physical to show for it soon! :D

    -(8/24) Added 8 new lineart images to the Meadowhaven Coloring Pages gallery in the Miscellaneous section.
    -(8/23) Added “Chocobro Car Pile,” “Stand By Me,” “Pickin up Chicks lineart,” “FFXV Prompto 1 and 2,” “Too Late” and WIP, “Younger Days,” “Dream of Stars,” “Noctis,” “That Cat” and “Sunrise” to the Everything Else gallery in the Miscellaneous section.
    -(7/28) Added 9 new lineart images to the Meadowhaven Coloring Pages gallery in the Miscellaneous section.
    -(6/08) Added “Dawn” and “Pickin Up Chicks” to the Everything Else gallery in the Miscellaneous section and the Meadowhaven Store for a limited time.

    ~Plus more sketches and other pieces posted only on my Patreon!~

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    Art of Meadowhaven Fantasy Coloring Pages!

    ~~UPDATE: 44 pages complete and now available!~~

    Thank you all so much for your amazing patience and kind support of my ongoing fantasy coloring book project! It is complete now, with some exciting publishing news on the horizon! :D At present, you can purchase and download individual coloring pages through my Etsy shop.


    All 44 fantasy-themed coloring pages are downloadable in PDF and JPG file format for you to print out, color and enjoy! Usage rules are posted in my shop policies as well as in every image description. Feedback is welcome, and if you feel like sharing your colored versions with me, too, I would love to see them! :D

    I wish you many happy coloring adventures!


    Coloring Book Update!

    A little over a third of the way finished with inking the linearts for the fantasy coloring book! There will be 36-40 total. You can follow my progress with every page and see all updates as they happen on my Patreon!

    Also added a new “Meadowhaven Coloring Pages” gallery to the Miscellaneous section of my website! Here you will be able to see previews of all the finished images included in the coloring books, as well as all the images available to purchase individually. :D

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    Meadowhaven Coloring Books!

    Many apologies for how quiet it has been on my page of late (all of my recent updates have been on Patreon)!

    What’s been keeping me busy throughout March and April is a brand new project that I am very excited about! :D Coloring books for adults seem to be all the rage these days! Every book store I’ve walked into, the very first display I see is for coloring books. With so many people asking for permission to color my linework these past few months (or just taking and coloring regardless of permission), it occurred to me that I needed to be jumping on this bandwagon.

    And after inking just one page, I fully realize that I should have been doing this years ago! @__@ Insanely-detailed lines is what I DO, and what I LOVE to do! I was so happy working on it–the hours flew by and I didn’t even notice. I’d forgotten how happy lineart used to make me. The idea of inking some of my pieces in ways to make them enjoyable for other people to color makes me even happier!

    Faeren, I think we’ve found our calling!

    My first fantasy-themed coloring book will contain 20-30 different images to color (half are nearly complete now)! Some will be intricately-detailed, some intermediate, and some on the easier side. Elves, romance, nature–everything you might expect from my work! :) ((I’m also planning a second coloring book: “Fantasy Masquerade!” With lineart versions of my old masquerade-themed portraits in addition to three or four updated and exclusive new ones! I might be a little too ambitious with all of these, but if the first book does well, this will be next on the horizon!))

    All coloring books will be available both in print and .pdf download. And also individual and extra downloadable pages for purchase through my online shop.

    I’m currently in the process of inking linearts, researching coloring book styles, preferred types of paper and binding, and testing out different printers/publishers to find the best quality for the pricing. Once I’m closer to completion and have a better idea of the work and cost involved, I’ll know how to proceed! I might need to launch an IndeGoGo or Kickstarter campaign for pre-orders to get the printed version off the ground and into your hands, but the digital one should be ready to go a little sooner.

    Gaaaaah, this is all so exciting! :D I can’t wait to be finished already!

    You can follow my progress on all the books on Patreon! I’ll be posting more linearts there as they are finished.


    April Patreon

    Help restore my sanity and breathe new life into my characters! All support on Patreon will mean more original artwork (and fanart) to share with you, as well as thank-you gifts and raffles exclusively for patrons! -CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL THE GOODIES!-

    **Thank you for reading and for believing in me!**

    Congrats to Isabella Cocilovo-Kozzi for winning March’s sketch commission and original art prize! :D

    The winner/s for April will be drawn the first week of May.

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    Gallifrey One Art Show!

    I will be attending the GALLIFREY ONE Doctor Who convention in Los Angeles February 12-14th! And I will have large, framed and signed artwork for sale in the Art Show, as well as many prints for sale in the Print Shop if you want to take a gander at some of my work in person! :D

    I am so honored to be a part of Gallifrey One for a second year, and excited to meet Peter Davison and India Fisher and give them all my artwork of their respective characters! Those of you who are also attending, see you there soon!

    If you can’t attend the show but would still like to own prints of my Doctor Who artwork, some of the pieces are available to purchase through my Meadowhaven Store!
    (Please note: Shipping will be delayed between Feb 8-20 as I will be away!)

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    Updates and Worklist

    -(2/13) Added “Evelyn” to the Commissions and Gifts gallery in the Miscellaneous section.
    -(2/13) Added “Rowyn” to the Commissions and Gifts gallery in the Miscellaneous section.
    -(2/13) Added “Patreon Commission” to the Commissions and Gifts gallery in the Miscellaneous section.
    -(2/13) Added “Elerus Sketchpage 27” to the Commissions and Gifts gallery in the Miscellaneous section.
    -(2/13) Added “Elerus Sketchpages 24-26” to the Commissions and Gifts gallery in the Miscellaneous section.
    -(2/13) Added “Eight and Charley” to the Doctor Who fanart gallery in Miscellaneous section.
    -(2/7) Added “TimeLord of the Rings” to the Doctor Who fanart gallery in Miscellaneous section, and to the Meadowhaven Store.
    -(1/20) Added “Time Cannot Erase” to the Doctor Who fanart gallery in the Miscellaneous section, and to the Meadowhaven Store.
    -(12/11) Added “Welcome Light” to the Kingdom of Silon gallery in the Wars of Avenan section, and to the Meadowhaven Store.
    -(12/11) Added “Golden Hair” to the Kingdom of Silon gallery in the Wars of Avenan section.
    -(12/11) Added “Little Raven” to the Commissions and Gifts gallery in the Miscellaneous section.


    -Elerus sketchpage 28-30 for Ardwenn: (paid, sketching)
    -Digital color sketch for Errin: (paid, sketching)
    -Digital color sketch for Amaze-ingHats: (trade, planning)
    -Patreon MM sketchportrait for Vilhelmina: (pending)
    -Patreon MM portrait for MikeDoscher: (pending)
    -Art Nouveau for Lady-Abbington: (pending)
    -Digital halfbody sketch for Ayame-maiden: (paid, planning)
    -Digital sketches x2 for Bea: (paid, planning)

    -Update guest art on Meadowhaven (58%)
    -“Morning” (lines, painting, 40%)
    -Aduro, Nomi, Luke and Faeren sketches (tons!)
    -“Masquerade” Faeren and Semiyar (eventually)
    -~Shadow Black~ (Editing probably never)
    -New Artbook design and planning (I wish!)

    -More 5th Doctor sketches (25%)
    -Random Doctors/companions sketches

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