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    -(7/10) Added “Just a Twinge of Cosmic Angst” to the Doctor Who gallery in the Miscellaneous section.
    -(7/7) Added “Octavia” to the Commissions and Gifts gallery in the Miscellaneous section.
    -(6/30) Added “MLP: Carousel Blossom” to the Everything Else gallery in the Miscellaneous section.
    -(5/22) Added “My Shadows” to Julian’s Mansion gallery in the Not All Kings Wear Gold section and to the Meadowhaven Store.
    -(5/22) Added “Wake Up” to Julian’s Mansion gallery in the Not All Kings Wear Gold section.
    -(5-4) Added “The Nefarine Tree” to the Kingdom of Silon gallery in the Wars of Avenan section.

    More WIPS and exclusive sketches in my Patreon gallery! :)

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    May Patreon

    Help restore my sanity and breathe new life into my characters! All support on Patreon will mean more original artwork (and fanart) to share with you, among many other thank-you gifts exclusively for my patrons! -CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL THE GOODIES!-

    **Thank you for reading and for believing in me!**

    Congrats to *Tara Mulder* for winning April’s monthly patron commission!
    The winner for May will be drawn the first week of June.

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    -(3/22) Added “Asgeir” to the Commissions and Gifts gallery in the Miscellaneous section.
    -(3/22) Added “Light and Shadow” to The Borderlands: Guest Art gallery in the Wars of Avenan section.
    -(3/20) Added “Kissing Lessons” to the Kingdom of Silon gallery in the Wars of Avenan section.
    -(3/20) Added “Blue and Black” to the Commissions and Gifts gallery in the Miscellaneous section.
    -(3/8) Added “Silver and Gold” to the Commissions and Gifts gallery in the Miscellaneous section.

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    Updates and Winners!

    Well, Gallifrey One was an absolute blast! :D I caught a nasty virus of some sort and was sick the whole week of the convention, but I had so much fun regardless. I almost completely sold out of the prints and framed pieces I had brought for the Art Show, and that is a massive relief and Godsend because taxes are due soon and I had no way to pay them before now! ^__^;;;

    Alex Kingston was unfortunately unable to attend last minute, so I didn’t get to meet her or give her all my artwork of River. However, I did share an elevator with Nicholas Briggs and got to shake his hand!! :D :D The guy is a genius and so active in Doctor Who and particularly the Big Finish audios–it was a squee-worthy honor! I also got to personally meet Frazer Hines (Jamie), Janet Fielding (Tegan), Nichelle Nichols (Uhura from Star Trek) and at least smile and wave at John Barrowman and most of the other guest actors! I had SO much fun, more fun than I have ever had at any convention ever. The atmosphere was amazing and friendly and fun (and the ribbon-trading thing was a blast), and there was so much to see and do! When I wasn’t helping to set up the Art-Show or crashing in a secluded chair somewhere with a fever, I rabidly dug through the dealer’s hall in search of merchandise with the Eighth Doctor–and found a ton and a half! Didn’t have money to buy all of it, but what I could afford to run away with made me ridiculously happy.

    All in all, best time ever! I want to go again next year, even if I have to scrimp on everything for the next eleven months to afford travel money. I will find a way! ^__^;;;;


    Congratulations to my beautiful and generous patrons: Dorothy T Rose and Vilhelmina for winning the digital and mixed-media sketch portrait commissions for February! :D

    As a special thank-you to all my generous supporters on Patreon (who help restore my sanity and breathe new life into my characters), every month I hold drawings for free sketch commissions, ranging in value from $25 to $250 depending on pledge tier! The drawing for February’s commission pile is now complete, and March entries are open! Patrons can also make free art requests in my Patreon Activity Feed. :)

    **Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all my generous patrons! Your continued support means the world to me. The next commission drawing for all March patrons will be held the first week in April. If you’d like to subscribe to receive all my patron-exclusive benefits and art goodies as well as entry into the monthly commission drawings, please visit Meadowhaven on Patreon!**

    If you can’t spare anything financially, please consider helping me to spread the word? You can reblog from my Tumblr post HERE or share on Facebook by clicking the share button from HERE, or signal boost from any other social media site. In gratitude I will happily follow or watch you back!

    **Thank you for reading and for believing in me!**



    -(2/5) Added “Passion and Fire” to the Kingdom of Silon Gallery in the Wars of Avenan section.
    -(2/5) Added “Patron Rewards -Linearts to color!” to the Everything Else Gallery in the Miscellaneous section.
    -(2/5) Added “Even in the Light you can’t escape the Darkness” to the “Secret Room-Guest Art Gallery” in the Not All Kings Wear Gold” section.
    -(1/29/2015) Added “Cold Embrace” to the Commissions and Gifts gallery in the Miscellaneous section.

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    Gallifrey One Art Show!

    For the first time ever, I will be one of those lucky Whovians attending the GALLIFREY ONE Doctor Who convention in Los Angeles this year! And I will have large, framed and signed artwork for display and auction in the Art Show, as well as smaller prints for sale in the Print Shop if you want to take a gander at some of my work in person. :D

    I am so honored to be a part of Gallifrey One this year, and excited to meet Alex Kingston and give her all my artwork of River! *___________* I’m so nervous. Nearly all my favorite Classic companion actors/actresses will be there, too–and Nicholas Briggs in a Big Finish shoutout panel! Those of you who are also attending, see you there soon!

    If you can’t attend the show but would still like to purchase a print of my Doctor Who artwork, some of the pieces are available to purchase through my Meadowhaven Store 
    (Please note: Shipping may be delayed between Feb 9-20 as I will be away!)

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    NAKWG Guest Art Gallery!

    …is finally up and finished! Ever since this version of Meadowhaven went live in 2012, it has been missing half of its beating heart–the Guest Artwork galleries! It’s a 2015 resolution of mine to make Meadowhaven whole again, and I’ve stayed up way too late every night since New Years Eve starting to make that happen.

    The “Not All Kings Wear Gold” gallery: The Secret Room! is NOW FULLY UPDATED AND LIVE! Enjoy all the gorgeous artwork and interpretations of the “Not All Kings Wear Gold” characters sent in by very dear friends and talented guest artists! Nearly 500 glorious images in 13 years! @______@

    The Wars of Avenanguest gallery: “The Borderlands” is next, and already in progress! I am working on getting the image titles/descriptions and artist credits in place, but with my schedule it’s going to take me months to finally reach the end (800+ images over 15 years!)! You guys are amazing! <3 (If I'm missing any artwork you might have sent me or if I've got the wrong name/url credited, please let me know and I will fix this immediately! Some artwork and contact information was lost when my old site went down and my laptop died, but I've hopefully been able to retrieve most of it online and from folders stored on my old art comp.) Thank you all so much for your enduring patience and the inspiration you have brought to my life these many years! I am forever honored and humbled and amazed, and found myself in tears more than once as I went through each artwork to be uploaded. They all hold so many memories, so many vibrant dreams and secret stories, so much life shining through that I have missed quite terribly. Your gifts breathe new life into my characters and sustain them during the times when I am unable to. I'm starting to feel that gentle nudge of inspiration again, a longing to get back to drawing from the storylines and maybe even share some of the chapters and writing snippets that I don't hate from my old books, anything to reignite the passion and joy that has been too long stifled and buried under the constant clamoring of work and bills to be paid. I think what I would really like to do is to put together a series of story-themed artbooks with writing to accompany the illustrations. Not a graphic novel, more like a condensed version of my fantasy story (the whole story I had originally planned out before the series was discontinued), accompanied by artwork. I want to focus on several groups of characters individually, so their stories would be singled out instead of lumped together as a whole. For the moment, however, this is all just wishful thinking--I've no way to actually pull it off, or the financial stability to even attempt it at present. I'm hoping that this new year will somehow afford an opportunity to change that! Hope springs eternal. :)

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    Happy New Year!

    Just posted my final paintings of 2014! I wish everyone a wonderful a blessed New year! *hugs all around*

    -(1/5/2015) Added “Koli” to the Commissions and Gifts gallery in the Miscellaneous section.
    -(12/31) Added “No More” to the Fanart Gallery in the Miscellaneous section and to the Print Store.
    -(12/31) Added “Eighth Doctor” and “Eighth Doctor -alt colors” to the Fanart Gallery in the Miscellaneous section.
    -(12/31) Added “Eleventh Doctor” to the Fanart gallery in the Miscellaneous section.
    -(12/24) Added “Thalion Koi” to the Commissions and Gifts gallery in the Miscellaneous section.

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    Holiday Drawing Winners!

    This last week I promised a special Holiday thank-you commission and artwork bundle to 2 random winners drawn from the list of anyone who purchased prints from my ~Meadowhaven Store~ before Christmas! There were five entrants total.
    The winners are:

    Leisha Slaughter (Wins a digital sketch-portrait commission from me!)
    Trigirl48 (Wins a bundle of signed art prints from my Store!)

    My sincere thanks to everyone who participated and helped to support my artwork through their purchase. I hope you will all have a wonderful Holiday season and a blessed new year! :)

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    Commissions are Open!

    Commissions are open! Interested in having artwork drawn for you? Original characters or fanart? Please visit my Commissions Page for information and pricing! More examples of my previous commission work can also be found in my Commissions and Gifts gallery. :)

    Please contact me via e-mail: saimain@yahoo.com with your character information and idea, and I will get back to you! :) Keep in mind that there is a wait list for commissions already in progress. I estimate the wait-time for newly added projects to be 2 weeks to a month. I am not a very fast artist—-my health and perfectionism slow me down—-so thank you in advance for your patience! ^__^;;

    Sketchpage for Ardwenn (paid, sketching)
    Sketchportrait for Winterelf: (paid)
    Digital Sketchportrait for ChibiHugs: (paid)
    Digital Sketchportrait for Kionji: (pending)
    Last Unicorn project for Sibyl Hensley: (pending)

    “Masquerade” Faeren and Semiyar (eventually?)
    ~Shadow Black~ (Editing probably never)
    New Artbook design and planning (never enough time)
    Update guest art on Meadowhaven (10%)

    Nine and Rose (final piece to Ten/Eleven/Rose watercolor trilogy) (0% funded)
    “A Twinge of Cosmic Angst” -Fifth Doctor sketches (10% funded)
    Random Doctors/companions sketches (0% funded)
    (Please click HERE if you would like to help fund any of the fanart projects listed above!)

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